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Gerrold has stated that while many of the TNG cast and crew including Roddenberry were supportive of the storyline, the script's positive depiction of an openly gay couple met stiff opposition from the studio and the script never made it into production. Data makes Lal gender-neutral, to let Lal select whatever appearance Lal is comfortable with. Lal eventually selects a female humanoid form after passing up being a human male, Klingon male, and an Andorian female. After he is mortally injured, she discovers that the Trill is a symbiotic race formed when a worm-like creature is combined with a humanoid host. The memories and personality of the Trill are carried forward when the Trill moves from one host to another. The Odan host dies, and the Trill is temporarily housed in William Riker 's body to keep it alive until the new host can arrive on the Enterprise.What is the basic different between Star Trek and Star Wars? Many fans will tell you one is real sci-fi while the other is “space fantasy.” Some. Risa is the capital planet of the Risian Hedony, a Federation member State, the homeworld of the humanoid Risian species, and a well-known. Casual fans of Star Trek can often name several planets from the collected movies and tv shows. Most of the planets they can rattle off are the...the end of the story look at the video above ↑ ↑ ↑

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